We’re Stricter on Compliance because It is the Right Thing to Do

Compliance with mandatory legislation/regulations applicable to the property development sector is an integral part of our model at Fairview Properties.

We focus on compliance at all levels because it is the safest way to guarantee the security of investments under our purview. Non-compliance has never been an option because it can potentially attract serious penalties and fines.

Without compliance, such projects cannot be granted title deeds, thus depriving unsuspecting members of the public an opportunity to borrow against their property, not to mention the risk posed by not having adequate security over their property.

At Fairview Properties, your mind is at peace. Our values and internal systems preclude taking shortcuts.

As a law-abiding developer, we derive joy and satisfaction not from ticking the compliance boxes, but from securing your investment from the point of design, procurement, preparing contracts, construction insurance, legislation/regulations, and ensuring that our practices don’t infringe on the environment.

None of these compliance issues carry more weight than the other. The overriding objective in all that we do is to ensure that the client is fully covered, with all relevant permits and compliance certificates.

To cap it all, our clients have title to their properties which opens a lot of investment opportunities for them, as well as giving them access to financial markets.






Great clients, awesome reviews

We have consistently distinguished ourselves through the delivery of quality properties in both residential and commercial sectors.

After visiting the gated Utopia Mews, we decided that this is the lifestyle we had been looking for all along. We couldn’t think twice about it. It’s a decision that we made without batting an eye.

Client F

Fairview Properties is different from other property development and marketing companies. Most property development and marketing companies forget about the customer once they have completed a transaction, but not Fairview Properties.

Client G

All-in-one is the word which describes Utopia Mews – spacious rooms, big corridors, green gardens, awesome amenities and great facilities for kids to play in .We are proud to have chosen Utopia Mews.

Client H

For a long time now, we have been looking for a housing community in a secure lock-up environment. We are confident that we have at long last found all that and more at Utopia Mews.”

Client I

Fairview Properties could not have taken better care of us…Since they took us on board as their construction partner; we have been enthused by the way the entire Fairview Properties team lives and breathes excellence.

Partner 1

What I like about our company is that the possibility for career development is very immense. You are not limited to one role as there are many opportunities for you to express yourself professionally across many fields.

Employee 1

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