William Powlett

Borrowdale is justifiably one of the most sought -after places to live in Harare. It has gained the reputation of being an area that epitomises the very best lifestyle in Zimbabwe.

For this reason, it would be amiss for Fairview Properties – one of the brightest lights on Zimbabwe’s housing sector –not to have one of its vaunted lifestyle communities in the Borrowdale areas.

Hence, for those attracted by the allure of Borrowdale’s prestige and affluence, William Powlett definitely fits the bill. This unique development is located in the upmarket northern suburb of Hogarty Hill in Harare. It encompasses 18 units, six freestanding double storey five-bedroomed houses and 12 semi-detached duplexes.

Communal recreational facilities will also be located in the cluster development. The duplexes will form part of a B’n’B resort. . The development is ready to build, with units currently available for sale off-plan under sectional title