Sustainability is the Buzzword at Fairview Properties

‘Sustainable development’ has become a catchphrase as nations across the globe, including our beloved Zimbabwe, work round the clock to ensure that their development processes do not militate against the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As a business, Fairview Properties is also alive to the fact that building with sustainability in mind is now the standard for a 21st century home.

What we build and how we build it matters a great deal. More importantly, building sustainable homes saves money in the long run, while also reducing impact on the environment.

Because we are determined to be a key player in the country and the region for the long haul, we worry about sustainability because it is sine qua non to the future of the business.

As a result, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all our initiatives pass the credibility test.

In the area of housing provision, we subscribe to the principle of sustainable housing which seeks to ensure that property development processes generate less waste while promoting re-use and recycling.


Additionally, sustainable housing pursues the reduction of environmental impacts and costs, better reliability, less maintenance, and greater user satisfaction.

We are deliberately taking steps to ensure that we build sustainable houses and communities that have minimal negative impacts on the environment.

In a nutshell, we try to ensure that our property developments promote energy efficiency and avoid environmental toxins. We also promote the use of materials and resources in a responsible manner, which has a positive physical and psychological impact on inhabitants.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our housing developments meet sustainability standards as they relate to the environment, social and economic benchmarks, we have entered into partnership with some of the most renowned architects in southern Africa.

A few highlights will suffice.

Environmental Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste during construction, saving water and energy, while also guaranteeing the house’s lifespan.
Social Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to prevent injuries through built-in safety features. They are also embedded with security elements, which reduce crime and improve the occupants’ sense of security. The design features provide flexibility and comfort for people of varying abilities and at different life stages, including children and people with limited mobility.
Economic Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to save money during construction and over the lifetime of the house. To this end, we plan carefully to avoid the need for major future renovations. Additionally, careful planning reduces costs associated with energy use, water use and maintenance.

A future of joy awaits.


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