Utopia Mews

Utopia Mews is Fairview Properties’ flagship housing development and for good reason. It is unlike any other lifestyle communities found in Zimbabwe.

Located within Fairview Estate Phase 2, in a secure lock-up-and-go environment, Utopia boasts of semi-detached, two-family four-bedroom duplex houses with timeless architectural designs and elegant accomplishments to meet the tastes of modern families looking beyond just raising their families in homely environs.

Utopia Mews, which is partnered initiative targeting top-end investors in the home market, is made up of 68 semi-detached duplexes. It comes packed with top-class amenities, setting it apart from similar housing communities elsewhere in the country.

While Utopia’s primary market are individual buyers, it is increasingly attracting several institutional investors who are buying blocks for their staff members. Already, a quarter of the Utopia Mews duplex units have found buyers, with a significant portion being under pre-purchase reservation.

General Features
  • The Utopia Mews gated community is surrounded by a palisade fence with robust vertical steel pales to facilitate higher security and intruder resistance.
  • The inside of the community in the land share there is both hard and soft landscaping. Thanks to the hard landscaping ,there is a pavement from the road right into the parking area
  • There is an external double washing laundry sink for clothes washing
  • As part of efforts of making Utopia Mews eco-friendly by reducing facility’s carbon footprint, the housing community has established a biodigester to manage food waste and save money by reducing hauling costs. The plan is to use the biogas generated used as a sustainable source of electricity.
  • There is adequate water supply thanks to two high-yield boreholes that feed into a 200 000 litre tank
  • The roads in the community are paved with paver bricks. At the entrance, there is a gate house manned by security. By the side of the gate house is the caretaker’s house
  • There is also a club house to host entertainment events and functions

Utopia Mews Biodigester

At Utopia Mews, we take seriously the wisdom that says “knowledge without action is meaningless”.

Consistent with that philosophy, we have established a biodigester as part of efforts to reduce the lifestyle community’s carbon footprint.

We opted for a biogester because research has shown that biogas will play a big role in the fight against climate change. It is a clean and renewable source of energy and, more importantly, biodigestion is non-polluting as no combustion takes place during the process.

Another plus is that the biodigester helps us manage food waste and save money by reducing the costs of hauling waste.

By being thoughtful about the environment, our gated community is actively participating in the fight against climate change.

Join the fight against global warming; be part of Utopia Mews!

Salient Utopia Mews Features:

Ground Floor

  • We have an open plan on the ground floor that constitutes a lounge, kitchen and dining and a toilet.
  • In the kitchen there is a double bowel sink, an electric stove fitted with a prep bowel
  • Self-contained maid quarters which is fully equipped with a shower, water closet, washing basin and built-in cupboards. In this Covid-19 era, it can also be used as an isolation room.
  • A drive-in parking garage for two cars, with provision for visitors’ parking on the side of the garage
  • There is a stair case with special timber linking the ground floor and the first floor

First Floor

  • On the first floor there are three distinct bedrooms namely the master bedroom with a balcony bounded by chrome-plated grab rails with transparent 9 milimetre toughened glass to prevent people from falling. There is also a built-in cupboard for him and her together.
  • In the adjoining flat, there are separate built-in cupboards for him and her.
  • In one of the two flats, there is a shower in the master bedroom  while the other has a freestanding  bath tub
  • In the spare bedrooms, there is a bath and toilet, water closet, built-in cupboard and washing basin
  • One spare bedroom is equipped with a door that leads to a balcony, which is also linked to the study.

Utopia Mews’ 200,000 Litre Water Tank

Whereas most suburbs in Harare are grappling with perennial water shortages, at Utopia Mews we have found a permanent solution to the water crisis.

Utopia Mews’ water needs are catered for through a 200 000 litre tank, which is fed 24/7 by two prolific boreholes.

At that capacity, residents have enough water to cater for their domestic needs.

The investment is a game-changer, given Harare’s well-documented water challenges.

The capital city is also contending with serious pollution in downstream Lake Chivero, which has been worsened by inadequate maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.

Tired of queuing for water or dialling up expensive bulk water suppliers whose water quality is questionable?

Look no further than Utopia Mews!


Utopia Mews’ Durable Perimeter fence

The crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate with communities leaving in constant fear of being targeted by criminals.

As a result, Utopia is doing everything in its power to protect homes in its lifestyle community to safeguard lives and property.

Among a range of security options, we have installed a palisade fence with robust vertical steel pales to facilitate higher security and intruder resistance.

The benefits of palisade fencing are numerous.

When you install palisade fencing either at home or at another property, you scare potential intruders.

Palisade fencing is a strong and durable steel fencing solution. Cutting or bending it requires power tools and a considerable amount of effort.

No fence is impossible to climb but palisade fencing makes it difficult for intruders due to the sharp spikes on top. Another advantage of a palisade fence is that it enables you to have a view of whatever is happening away from your boundary wall.

That way, you’re able to instantly notice if an individual is trying to gain access to your home or property.

Utopia Mews for your peace of mind!

Environmental Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste during construction, saving water and energy, while also guaranteeing the house’s lifetime.
Social Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to prevent injuries through built-in safety features. They are also embedded with security elements, which reduce crime and improve the occupants’ sense of security. The design features provide flexibility and comfort for people of varying abilities and at different life stages, including children and people with limited mobility.
Economic Sustainability
Houses in Fairview communities are designed to save money during construction and over the lifetime of the house. To this end, we plan carefully to avoid the need for major future renovations. Additionally, careful planning reduces costs associated with energy use, water use and maintenance.

A future of joy awaits.


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