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Fairview Properties’ Lifestyle Communities

At Fairview Properties, we have four, dream lifestyle communities, namely: Utopia, Diamond Mews, The Pelican and William Powlett. These are a must-see for investors looking for the finer things in life without having to break the bank.

UTOPIA MEWS is made up of 68 semi-detached duplexes. It comes packed with top-class amenities that cater to our modern, sustainability-conscious clientele.


Excellence in Every Build

As a business, Fairview Properties believes that building with sustainability in mind is the standard for every 21st century home.

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Diasporan Clientele

Tailor made products to suit your needs.

  • Allowing our customers to tap into our extensive network of buyers and sellers;
  • Helping clients with the best advice on market trends;
  • Arranging property viewing days and signage;

We manage properties on behalf of clients, both local and foreign-based. We have proven experience as well as a high-level of skill and competence.

Client flexibility is our focus in the various construction services we offer our clients. From fully completed units, building to shell or offering labour only, we provide options to suit every pocket.

We develop infrastructure for landowners and property developers alike. We have the expertise and experience to construct roads, water and sewer reticulation, etc. We also engage in joint-venture initiatives for efficient completion of large-scale projects.

We believe that homes should be unique. A home should mirror the personality and taste of its owner. To make this a reality, we listen to our clients’ needs and also discuss with them the options available.

Need a loan to complete your home, renovate or build from scratch? Fairview Properties is here to tailor-make funding solutions for you. No matter the size of your housing project, we can help you access the funding you need to complete your house.

The acquisition of quality building material at the right price has proven to be a nightmare to many aspiring homeowners. For this reason, we have a facility to buy building materials directly from source for clients or through factoring in the procurement of the building materials in the building package.

As families grow and economic circumstances change, extensions and refurbishments become necessary. We have in-built competencies to help clients with building complete houses from shell level as well as to extend or renovate existing properties to suit the owner’s new status and taste.

We also supervise development projects of any size, ranging from infrastructure to residential and commercial construction and/or refurbishment. Call us today to enquire how we may be of service to you.

Awards Attest to Our Trailblazing Service Delivery

Thanks to our track record of service and excellence, we have won a string of honours, which include the following awards:

  • The Company of The Year (Property Development Sector Zimbabwe);
  • The Zimbabwe Business Award (we have won this a couple of times);
  • Megafest National Business Awards’ Industry Player of The Year 2017 (Properties Sector) (which we have also won several times)

Additionally, our visionary executive chairperson, Albert Kamhunga, has also walked away with the Businessman of the Year accolade conferred by the Megafest National Business Awards, demonstrating yet again that Fairview Properties’ unique property development concepts have indeed caught the market by storm.

The awards demonstrate that our products and services are getting the stamp of approval from a very demanding and deserving market. We thank you for the support.

The increasing visibility we are achieving, as demonstrated by the awards, is a good starting point. It is a welcome encouragement for us to do even more.

The awards have emboldened us to work hard to ensure that the brand recognition translates into an acronym for quality, value and posterity both locally and beyond the country’s borders.

Our burning desire is to continue to provide products and service solutions that address the property and housing challenges being faced by our local and diasporan clientele.


Meet our Executive Chairman, Mr Albert Kamhunga

The hallmark of a transformative leadership is the ability to embrace innovation in word and deed. At the heart of our fairy-tale success story, has been our ability to sniff out opportunities from a distance, and convert these with the swiftness of a golden eagle.

That dynamism and agility is personified by none other than our Executive Chairperson, Mr Albert Kamhunga, who never runs out of steam in taking risks and exploiting opportunities for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

In the eight years that he has led Fairview Properties, Mr. Kamhunga has established a formidable team that shares his philosophy that for leadership to be successful, it must first and foremost embrace innovation.

True to our philosophy, Fairview Properties has proved to be a creature of innovation since its formation in 2013, which which has helped in giving the business a competitive edge.

Our innovation model rests on several critical pillars that cut across external recognition:

  • how we allocate scarce resources;
  • our wiliness to continuously improve our product offerings;
  • our ability to energise staff to rally behind Fairview Properties’ vision;
  • the creation of a conducive workplace environment that allows ideas to flourish; and
  • the quality of our people, systems and processes.

In their report titled: Building a culture of innovation – and the company’s bottom-line (2017), Francois Nel and Coral Milburn-Curtis, made the point that organisations that invest in people thrive no matter their economic circumstances. At Fairview Properties, our performance over the past eight years vindicates this finding. Crucially, a key idea associated with making that transformation is the entrepreneur who, in Fairview Properties’ case, has been our Executive Chairman.

But who exactly is Mr Kamhunga?

Mr Kamhunga is the Founder and Executive Chairperson of Fairview Properties, which has become one of the most respected, trusted and dynamic property development and marketing companies in Zimbabwe, since its establishment.

He has used his extensive experience and contacts in marketing and logistics to develop a model that works for the business, anchored on converting Fairview Properties’ massive 1300-hectare land bank into an opportunity for value addition and annuity income for its stakeholders.

Mr Kamhunga spearheaded the creation of lifestyle housing communities, fittingly called Fairview Estate, designed to attract people of common interests who want to enjoy shared amenities. Their flagship housing development is currently Utopia Mews, which is unlike any other lifestyle communities found in Zimbabwe.

Located within Fairview Private Estate in a secure lock-up-and-go environment, Utopia Mews comprises of semi-detached, two-family four-bedroom duplex houses with timeless architectural designs and elegant accomplishments to meet the tastes of modern families looking beyond just raising their families in homely environs. It is made up of 68 duplexes, complete with top-class amenities.

But what really motivates Mr Kamhunga and his team?

As far as Mr Kamhunga is concerned, their top priority is to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities around them. Profit is their secondary objective rather than their primary motive.

There is method to the madness!

For example, Fairview Properties’ developments are helping absorb the burgeoning numbers on the country’s housing waiting list, through the creation of state-of-the-art infrastructure which has restored dignity in the investing public at a time when the country is witnessing the mushrooming of housing developments with no amenities such as electricity, water and sewer facilities.

Having honed his leadership skills at some of Zimbabwe’s top corporates, Mr Kamhunga believes that in their pursuit of Fairview Properties’ vision of becoming “the partner of choice in the provision of unique property investment opportunities to our customers through innovative, sustainable real estate solutions,” there shouldn’t be any shortcuts.

As such, their conduct and practices are anchored on a solid governance culture and values framed around collaboration, honesty, accountability, leadership and innovation.

Prior to founding Fairview Properties, Mr Kamhunga served as managing director for Manica Zimbabwe for over 15 years.

While at the logistics company, which was acquired by Bidvest around 2000, he served on its regional board, in charge of Bidvest’s freight business –overseeing South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Malawi.

His exposure to the southern region prepared him for more responsibilities. As such, during the same period, he headed the marketing portfolio within the Southern Africa Railways Association board.

Before joining Manica Zimbabwe, the Fairview Properties founder had worked for the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) for 14 years, 11 of which were at executive level. When he left NRZ for Manica Zimbabwe, he had become the deputy chief executive officer in charge of marketing and operational functions of the parastatal.

A holder of a business studies degree from the University of Zimbabwe, Mr Kamhunga has held several other high-level positions and directorships, including chairing the CMED board for two, three-year terms.

An astute leader with a proven track record, Mr Kamhunga has also succeeded in building a cohesive team made up of professionals in the field. Headed by a general manager to whom departmental heads from sales and marketing, operations, infrastructure development, amongst others report to directly, Fairview Properties’ management and staff have one objective in mind, that of creating value for their stakeholders, namely their customers, communities, staff and shareholders.

Utopia Mews is Fairview Properties’ flagship housing development, and for good reason.
Located within Fairview Estate Phase 2, in a secure lock-up-and-go environment, Utopia boasts of semi-detached, two-family four-bedroom duplex houses with timeless architectural designs and elegant accomplishments to meet the tastes of modern families looking beyond just raising their families in homely environs.

Our Projects

Utopia Mews is made up of 68 semi-detached duplexes, each comprising an open lounge, kitchen and an exquisite dining area on the ground floor in addition to a bathroom, guest half bathroom, three-bedrooms, a primary bedroom with a full ensuite and a study and bathroom.

This unique development is located in the upmarket northern suburb of Hogarty Hill in Harare. It encompasses 18 units, six freestanding double-storey five-bedroomed houses, and 12 semi-detached duplexes. Communal recreational facilities will also be located in the cluster development.

At Fairview Properties, we have been offering lasting legacies as the lucky ones who buy into Fairview 1 and 2 will testify. Fairview 1 and 2 were our first and second housing development projects which we initiated as far back as 2013 when we took the decision to subdivide our land bank.

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